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We're looking for a narrator!

"Home" is the working title of a student animation currently in the works at The Animation Workshop, Denmark. The story is a children's good-night story, taking place within the span of 45 seconds. During this time a 6-year old girl will be setting out in her house on rails on a journey to see what the magical world she lives in holds - at the end of the day she'll go to sleep with an experience adventurous enough to fuel her dreams many nights ahead. The animation will be narrated in rhyme, and for that we're looking for a narrator:

















Gender:         Male (although female VA's are also welcome to audition and convince us otherwise)

Voice Age:     30's-60-s

Voice type:    Medium-low/low


We need a gentle voice to narrate the story as if it was a good-night story to a child, as our main target

 audience are kids in the age group 4-6 years. It is important that you can find this balance between

being warm and gentle, but not sounding like you're talking down to the viewer.


The narrator is speaking in rhyme, so you'll need to be able to deal with potential tung-twisters, and

speak in the rhythm entailed in the writing, while also fitting the speech to the time given in the animatic.

Communication will be key in the project, and preferably we'd like to have you available on Skype or in

a Google Hangout to give you directions.


Audition lines:


There once was a kid, curious and bold

Who wanted to know how her world would unfold.


With her home close to hand, she went on her way,

To see how much venture she could find in a day.


Oh the sightings you’ll see kid, some large and some small,

There’s so much to be found before you’ve seen it all.


We say goodnight to the mountains, and the people on rails,

Goodnight to the dragons and goodnight to the whales.


And goodnight to you too kid – there’s no need to look back.

Just rest well assured that you’re on the right track.




The deadline for the audition is May 3rd.

Keep in mind that should we choose to cast you, we'll need you to be able to deliver within 4-5 days, as the production time for the project is rather limited.





1) Record the audition lines. You can have multiple takes of the same line, but please limit yourself to max 3.


2) Save each audition line seperately with the following name: charactername_yourname_linenumber.mp3/wav


3) Put all of your lines into a .zip or .rar folder, named HOME_yourname.


4) E-mail your audition to sif.p.savery@hotmail.com

                 - In the e-mail, be sure to let us know if you'd be available on Skype or Google Hangouts, and what time of the day you are generally

                   available (we're in the CEST time zone).




*Please use a proper microphone for recording, as auditions with background noise or huffs and puffs will not be considered. Audio files must be sent in either mp3 or wav format.


**Be sure to read the audition page carefully, and feel free to send an e-mail if you have any further questions.


***Once you've sent your audition, be sure to check auditions recieved to make sure that it has gone through. The section will be updated frequently. When the deadline is reached, voice actors having been chosen for a role will be contacted and asked to confirm their role. The casting choice will be up for viewing on this page as well.



Auditions received:

- Jessica Laurent

- Matthew Jackson

- John Roberts

- Elissa Park

- Leanne Donovan

- Felicia Valenti

- Miena Gorgi

- Patrick M Seymour

- Kristopher S

- Brad Smith

- Ryan Edwards

- Retro

- Daniel Moss

- Kurai

- Kevin Thelwell

- Crystal Lynne

- Sharon Menefee

- Matthew Simmons

- Joseph Wilson

- TheMightyFez

- Nanda

- Bindy Coda

- Scott Law

- Grey Blackstone

- Leon Fechner

- Rickk Murray

- Peter Katt

- Allen Winter

- James Orman

- Mike Cotterell

- Jan Nielsen

- Derek Belew

- Olivia Brown

- Devon Black


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