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Thank you very much to all who auditioned for the part of Xerxes or Bruhn for the upcoming episode of Tales of Zale. As always it's been a difficult task picking out just two from the many great auditions received, and I applaud everyone's efforts.


I hope to see a lot of you in future auditions as there are so many voices that I would have liked to work with. Be sure to keep an eye on this page in order to see when new auditions are being held, or follow me on Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook for frequent updates.

Should you wish to follow Tales of Zale as the series progresses, do head on over to Hikarian Animations on YouTube and subscribe as new episodes will be first available on there.


-  Sif


- Jon Bailey -


- Callum Janes -

Thank you to all who auditioned: - IanMack- ZacMarks- Joseph Beacham- SeanChiplock- TrueMyriad- EddieChace- Toxicfume619- Peter Jiang- John C. Roberts- Finn M-K- Kellen Goff- Tom Hayes- MarkChild- River Kanoff- JosephWilson- MattiMali- EPeterson- Joseph Beacham- BenB- DangerrZone- Drew Bates- ProfKranc- TrentFace- Mylez Dimitrovski- MichaelMalconian- True Myriad- SageHalo- Khobis- CodyJJohnson- BradleyGareth- Nullify- PeterKatt- JJ- HipnikDragonmir- AdamClarke- AllenWinter- BrandyBuizel   

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