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Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned for Tales of Zale episode 2! It's been difficult, choosing between the auditions for Sesam, Elva's younger brother.

There have been a lot of great auditions. A lot. So many people who have shown off their great talent, awesome voice or professionalism. It goes without saying that deciding on a voice for Sesam has been no easy task, but none the less a decision had to be made. The voice actor whom I have found the most fitting has now been contacted and asked to confirm their role. The casting will thereafter be officially announced below.


Additionally thank you to everyone who have contributed with cat sounds for the episode. All of your recordings will really be helping in shaping the soundscape, and you will of course be credited accordingly. This one audition I have decided to extend, because of it's peculiar kind. The more variety in voices and noises, the better. If you know anyone who would have fun recording cat sounds and being part of this project, do let them know that they can find all of the details right here.


If anyone would like feedback on their audition you can now let me know at toz@sifps.dk.


I really hope to see a lot of you in future auditions. There are so many voices that I would have liked to work with! Be sure to keep an eye on this page in order to see when new auditions are being held, or follow me on Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook for frequent updates.

Should you wish to follow Tales of Zale as the series progresses, do head on over to Hikarian Animations on YouTube and subscribe as new episodes will be first available on there.


-  Sif


Auditions Are now Closed


- Adoxographist -

Thank you very much to everyone who auditioned:


- Jonathan Jones

- Jeremy Freed

- Hanyunee

- Kyle Delaney

- Devon Black

- Bree Page

- Linden Carello

- Andy Cowley

- Imageflexion

- Marissa Lenti

- Alexandra Kirkendall

- Zack Shulfer

- 11Linda

- Katie Dagnen

- MikesBigWorkshop

- KSic

- Rachael Messer

- Ashley Hale

- Yaro Shien

- Heidi Tabing

- Craig Musser

- Jim Nickabocker

- Danmaridonmai

- Bri Ray

- Foxiify

- Alejandro Fletes

- Stefan Lee Goodwin

- Mirisha

- Goldenfern

- Teresa Decher

- Jonathan David Bullock

- Kristyn Mass

- Becker

- AnairisQ

- Noelle Zafra

- Taylor Wetzel

- NeuroticSoul

- Sayaka

- Adoxographist

- Cyphir

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