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With a wide range of skills in the field of animation, I have experience working as an animation director, animator and generalist on a wide range of projects, working with people from all over the globe (USA, England, Turkey, Dominican Republic and more), as well as having a broad network in the Danish animation industry, having worked with Danmarks Radio and producer, Jakob Stegelmann, and The Animation Workshop among others.

My work especially draws inspiration from the Japanese animation cultures, with names such as Hayao Miyazaki and Shinchiro Watanabe being my biggest sources of inspiration. It is the path of such great animation directors that I wish to walk down.







➢ Strong planner, keep an overview in stressed situation.


➢ Strong knowledge of working within areas such as animation, background design, script writing, storyboarding, editing, and sound design.


➢ Think out of the box.


➢ Good eye for talent, observant of teammates’ strengths and weaknesses.


➢ Strong knowledge of Windows and Mac packages.




Software knowledge


 Proficient in:


- TVPaint Animation (animation)

- Adobe Premier Pro (editing)

- Adobe After Effects (composition)

- Adobe Flash (animation)

- Adobe Photoshop (illustration)

- Adobe Muse (web design)


 Knowledge of:


- Toon Boom Animation (animation),

- Maya (modeling),

- 3DS Max (modeling),

- Logic Pro (sound editing),

- Adobe Audition (sound editing)






➢ Directed a Visual HF class of 21 students in pre-production of Tales of Zale episode 1 together with CG-artist and illustrator, Mads Lundgård Christensen


➢ Competed and won international animation tournaments (hosted by Newgrounds.com and NMEnterprises)


➢ Created, directed and animated more than one hour of independent web content to be publicized on the Hikarian Animations YouTube channel


➢ Created, directed and animated ongoing webseries, Tales of Zale


➢ Directed and supervised multiple student projects, amongst the popular animation short of HUNT


➢ Worked as a freelancer colorist on commercials with animator Francis Florencio


➢ Worked as storyboarder for live action short, The Last Schnitzel, directed by İsmet Kurtuluş and Kaan Arıcı


➢ Played an essential role in organizing and coordinating international MAPs (Multiple Animators Projects) for Frederator Allied Media and Webby Awards 2014.


➢ Worked as a part-time writer on DR’s Troldspejlet, writing four drafts for reviews of anime like Bleach and Serial Experiment Lain.


➢ Experience in setting up pipelines and budgets for TV-series


➢ Strong knowledge of use of social media in marketing my projects


➢ Taught basic drawing courses focusing on construction, composition, character building and creating universes at the Viborg Gymnasium & HF to people in the age of 13-15 years.






The Animation Workshop (CA program), 2015-2019

The Character Animation (CA) program focuses primarily on the theory and practice behind making a character move and come to life. Each year focuses on a progressively more intense curriculum that guides students on the path toward mastery of both 2D and 3D character animation and provides experience with other industry techniques.


Visuel HF, 2012-2015

At Visual HF, my main focus was to strengthen my future dream of becoming an animation director, allowing me to work with the media of animation. During classes I was granted the opportunity to explore my talent by working with projects on my own and on animation projects set up by the school.


Projects: HUNT (media studies final film), Over (Odense International Film Festival project), Festive (Viborg Festuge commercial trailer project), Grundvand (Grundfos client collaboration project), Semina (Nature studies presentation project).


Øhavets Efterskole 3D class, 2011-2012

Obtained basic knowledge of modeling in the industry 3D software, Maya and 3DS Max. Classes were taught by animator and producer, Thomas-Bo Huusmann.






Lundø Croquis Drawing Course

Hosted by The Animation Workshop

Taught by: Iben Lindebjerg, Drawing instructor

Date: July 12th-19th 2012


Workshop: Production and Concept art with Photoshop

Hosted by The Animation Workshop

Taught by: Guillaume Dousse, illustrator/director – (France)

September 20th-21st, 2014


Workshop: Characters - Design, expression and flow

Hosted by The Animation Workshop

October 11th-12th, 2014

Taught by: Christyan Lundblad (illustrator/designer)


Workshop: Storyboarding

- The Animation Workshop

November 8th-9th, 2014

Taught by: Birk von Brockdorff (art director)


Workshop: Storytelling

-The Animation Workshop

November 22nd-23rd, 2014

Taught by: Lars kramhøft (novelist)





Danish - Native proficiency

English - High working proficiency

German - Medium proficiency

Japanese - Low proficiency





• NATA: Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation 2013 - winner

• NMAE: Nooni Media Animation Extravaganza 2012 – winner

• NMAE: Nooni Media Animation Extravaganza 2012 – Top cumulative score - winner

• Troldspejlet: 2013: Little Merry Ego – Pixel of the Year - 2nd place

• Newgrounds: Little Merry Ego – Daily 1st, August 14th 2013 - winner

• Newgrounds: Little Merry Ego – Review Crew Pick, August 14th 2013 - winner

• Newgrounds: Little Merry Ego – Weekly User’s Choice August 8th 2013 - winner

• Jutland’s Media Studies festival 2015: HUNT – Talent prize - winner

• Viborg Gymnasium Awards 2014: HUNT – Best B-production - winner

• Viborg Gymnasium Awards 2014: HUNT – Best sound design - winner

• Viborg Gymnasium Awards 2014: HUNT – Jury prize - winner






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