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Auditions for cat extras appearing in Tales of Zale episode 2 are now open. Due to the nature of the roles in question the deadline for the audition has been extended indefinitely until further notice.



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Story & format



Tales of Zale is the story of a young, curious fox named Zale, and his best friend, the barn owl Elva. Together they explore the mysteries of a world in which the humans are long gone, and all that is left are the ruins of their creations. Along the way they’ll meet many other animals, some with good intentions and others not so much. In the end, will Zale be able to find the answers he seek and solve the mysteries of the forest he lives in?



The series itself consists of 6 minute episodes with the occasional minisodes in between. 10 full episodes have been planned, but the focus is currently only on creating the first two. Episodes are uploaded to YouTube and Newgrounds.com


Episodes are created using the animation software TVPaint Animation, combined with Photoshop, After Effects, Premier Pro and Logic Pro for further editing. To get an idea of the visual style, check out the first episode of Tales of Zale here.





Audition details


Please use a proper microphone for recording, as auditions with background noise or huffs and puffs will not be considered. Audio files must be sent in either mp3 or wav format.




Auditioning is easy! Just:


1) Record the lines for the characters you wish to audition for. You can have

multiple takes of the same line, but please limit yourself to max 4, unless

otherwise specified in the audition details.


2) Save each audition line seperately with the following name:



3) Put all of your lines into a .zip or .rar folder, named TOZ2_yourname.


4) E-mail your audition to toz@sifps.dk




Be sure to read the audition page carefully, and feel free to send an e-mail if you have any further questions.


Once you've sent your audition, be sure to check auditions recieved to make sure that it has gone through. The section will be updated frequently. When the deadline is reached, voice actors having been chosen for a role will be contacted and asked to confirm their role. The casting choice will be up for viewing on this page as well.


Cat extras


Voice age:

Voice type:







Tales of Zale episode 2 needs cats. Lots and lots of cats.


Due to the nature of the world, having real cats meowing would stand out too much. None the less there is going to be a lot of meowing in episode 2 – it just needs to be voice actors doing the sounds.


This role isn’t really an audition- if you have a proper microphone you already qualify. If you wanted to be part of Tales of Zale, but there weren’t any roles that fit you this time around this is a good way to join in none the less.



The lines you send in have to be 10-20 meows ranging from passive to angry (maybe with some hisses thrown in for good measure).

As long as your recordings fit the purpose we’ll use them and credit you.

Auditions recieved



- Cyphir

- Sayaka

- Devon Black

- Alejandro Fletes

- AlexandraK

- AndyCowley

- Bree Page

- Bri Ray

- danmaridonmai

- Giancario Danubio

- Goldenfern

- Heidi Tabing

- JeremyAFreed

- Jonathan David Bullock

- Jonathan Jones

- KSic

- Kyledelaney

- Linden Carello

- MikesBigWorkshop

- Mirisha

- Noellezafra

- Stefan Goodwin

- ZackShulfer

- Marcus Greene


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