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Want to join a Hikarian Animations production or contribute in other ways with your skills? Help is always appreciated, and adds a great deal to the quality of the production. When I started out making my animations I was doing everything alone – animation, backgrounds, voices, sound effects, music: everything. But there are limits as to how much one person can do, and although I myself of course still am the driving force behind most of the animations you see on my website and on the Hikarian Animations YouTube channel, there are things I wouldn’t have been able to do without the help of a lot of talented and kind people, whom you’ll be able to see credited on the Associated Partners page.

I love collaborating with people, and learning with and from them, and as such I encourage you to contact me and strike up a conversation if you’re a person who likes what I do and would like to be part of it in one way or another.


Below you’ll see a list of projects that I am currently looking for help on, but even if you don’t find yourself fitting any of these criteria, don’t be afraid to contact me and suggest other ways that you’d like to help. Chances are we might be able to help each other, and no matter what there’s no harm in getting to know other artists!


- Sif

E-mail: sif.p.savery@hotmail.com




Tales of Zale – Episode 2+


Looking for: animators, inbetweeners, cleanup artists, background artists and more.


Tales of Zale episodes take a long time to create at this point, with only one animator and background artist at the rear. That’s why I am currently looking for people to help in a number of fields; inbetweening, cleanup, background design and more. The role that you’ll play very much depends on your individual talents and wishes, but it is impeccable that you have a good feel for the style of the show and are able to imitate it if not improve upon it. It also greatly helps to have access to the software TVPaint Animation, as the majority of the animation and backgrounds are made using this.


Currently Tales of Zale is a non-profit - and therefor not paid project, but it may open up opportunities later down the line.




Tales of Zale – Minisodes


Looking for: artists/animators


The Tales of Zale minisodes are the exception to the rule of me being the driving force behind the animations on my channel, as these have a focus on showing off an individual artist’s skill and style. The script and storyboard for the approximately 1 minute long short is something we work out together, whereafter you as an artist are given the freedom to present it in whichever fashion you like, with the help of the original voice cast of the series and whatever else help and tools I can provide.


In the minisode, which will be shown on the Hikarian Animations YouTube channel, you as an artist are promoted, with follow-up-links to your YouTube channel, blog, website, or whatever else you’d like.




T-shirt print designer


I am a lot of things, but certainly no designer, so I’m very interested in starting up a conversation with someone who may have more experience on the field.

I’m especially looking to create T-shirts featuring the Tales of Zale or Hikarian Animations brand.

Payment and/or profit splits can be discussed. If you think you might be up for the task, then send me an e-mail.



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