This is a small selection of shots from animations that I've worked on. Over the years these animations have piled up to more than an hour of content, and should you be curious you can at any time check out the full versions on my website.

Tales of Zale is the story of a young fox named Zale and his best friend the barn owl Elva, as they explore a world in which humans are long gone and all that remains are the ruins of their creations.

   Above is the first episode of a series that took it's first steps towards creation back in 2011 with a simple pilot episode made in Adobe Flash. The pilot got a lot of attention from the Danish national broadcaster, DR (Denmark's Radio) and for a long time we were looking into creating a 10-episode series of Tales of Zale with myself as the director/showrunner. Ultimately the budget wasn't green-lit, but I chose to continue working on ToZ as a passion project none the less. On the 29th of January, 2015 the first 'official' episode was finally released.


Director/writer/character designer/animator/background artist/editing - Everything visual

HUNT is an animation that I and 4 of my fellow students created during our second year of Visual HF for our media studies exam. It was pretty unconventional to create an animation rather than a live action student film, and it was a difficult task managing to bring this five minute short to life in the span of four months beside school. We ran into a lot of trouble along the way, including technical issues, data loss and complaints from aboriginal people, mad that we were taking inspiration from their cultural tales.

None the less we managed to get through it all and make the deadline with just a few hours left.

I myself worked as the director and one of the 2D animators on the project, as well as the sound designer and editor by the end of it.


Director/story board artist/2D animator/editing/sound designer




Troldspejlet - Pixel of the Week

Jutland's media school festival - Talent prize (won)

Jutland's media school festival - Audience favorite (runner up)

VGHF Awards - Best B-film (won)

VGHF Awards - Best camera work (nominated)

VGHF Awards - Best sound design (won)

VGHF Awards - Audience favorite (nominated)

VGHF Awards - Jury prize (won)

VGHF Awards - Best idea (nominated)

Newgrounds - Daily feature

Newgrounds - Weekly 4th place